6/25 Drop, LV Monogram / Damier Deluxe-ish Convertibles June 22 2021

GWA LV Deluxe-ish Convertibles

Friday, 6/25 10am PST for LV Damier
Friday, 6/25 11am PST for LV Monogram

The Convertible Deluxe-ish has 4 ways to carry; Chest Pack, Fanny Pack, Fuccboi Carry and Plate Carrier dropdown.

Sewn in USA w/ authentic LV Damier and Monogram fabric. I've been buying LV bags with the sole purpose of cutting them up to upcycle the fabric for these pouches. They called me a madman (literally, the salespeople thought I was nuts) but alas it's a small price to pay for drip.

Extremely limited numbers available. Limit 1 per customer.