4/23 Drop, G-Man Slaps & Pins April 21 2021

4/23 Drop, 10am PST. G-Man slaps & Pins 10 years ago we debuted the "sticker soldier" GWA logo, 10 years later we were long overdue in a redesign. Here he is, modernized with Ops-Core AMPs, FAST SF and PVS-31's.  Slaps will come in a 3 pack and pins are sold individually. Slap one your water bottle and pin one on your kit.

4/16 Drop, GWA Deluxe-ish Convertible LV April 12 2021

4/16 Drop, 10am PST. EXTREMELY Limited quantities will be available. New Convertible, Deluxe-ish. Latest design features a new hybrid system that allows 4 ways to carry; Chest Pack, Fanny Pack, Fuccboi Carry and Plate Carrier dropdown. Kit includes 3 straps that are easily and quickly removable per the users preference. Made in USA w/ authentic LV fabric. Extremely limited numbers available. Limited 1 per customer.

4/13 Drop, R.O. KO April 12 2021

I originally made this patch for myself because it was an epic moment but soon after posting it I got numerous requests for a public release, so here it is. 4/13 Drop, 10am PST. Limited quantities will be available. 

4/9 Drop, HEAT Patches April 06 2021

Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.Drops Friday 4/9 10am PST

4/2 Drop, M81 Woodland Founding Fathers Patches March 30 2021

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all patches are not created equal.Patches in-stock 4/2 10am PST. 

3/26 Drop Update: Gen 3 Citadels, Commando Patches March 24 2021

Gen 3 Citadel restock and video. Commando patch drop. 3/26 10am PST.

3/26 Drop: Gen3 Citadel, small batch in Ranger Green & Black March 15 2021

Small batch of Ranger Green and Black Gen 3 Citadels available 3/26 10am PST.

3/19 Drop: Base Slings, Agent of Chaos Patches March 15 2021

Introducing the GWA Base Sling. Based on my original design from a 2013 collaboration with S.O.Tech. Added padding and rigid tension pull. Looped design with no “tail”.