9/17 Comrade Collection September 13 2021

COMRADE COLLECTION9/17 10am PST Hello Comrade, for the glory of the homeland we present the Comrade collection. 2 patches and Base Sling Mk2 presented in the two-color variation of the butane woodland pattern meticulously redrawn and restored by Andrew Bawidamann using original garments. A rare Soviet pattern seeing a very limited production run from 1990 to 1991 made initially for Airborne and Special Operations Units. The GWA Base Sling is based on my original...

9/10 Drop, DSLR Vaults September 08 2021

DSLR Vault9/10 10am PST I designed this quirky padded case insert for my DSLR as a way to carry and protect my expensive camera without needing a standalone bag. I like to travel light and having a padded case insert that integrates into my main pack keeps my load light. The GWA DSLR Vault began as a simple Velcro® in insert and evolved into a go pouch, the included straps...

9/3 Drop, Nemesis Patches, Velcro® "Silencer" September 01 2021

Nemesis PatchesCitadel Patch "Silencer" 9/3 10am PST"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me." For those of you with Citadels that have the external Velcro® and want a lower "vis" look for work I have created a patch loop "silencer". Same size as the outside Velcro® on the Citadel and made from the same 500D Cordura...

8/27 Drop, #bandeeznuts M81 Final Batch / GWA x SOTECH DNC Go Bags August 26 2021

GWA x SOTECH DNC Mission Go Bag. 8/27 12pm PST (through SOTECH)FINAL BATCH. #GODSPLAID IR Patches 8/27 10am PST (through GWA) If you’re an 18D odds are you’ve been issued one. If you’re not familiar with the MGB you’ve been missing out. The SOTECH Mission Go Bag is one of the best satchel bags..ever and now thanks to my aggressive pushing SOTECH will offer them this Friday in DNC. Extremely...

8/20 Drop, Gen3 Citadels, Solids / M81 Woodland August 17 2021

GWA Gen3 CitadelsFriday 8/20 10AM PST for SolidsFriday 8/20 12PM PST for M81 (Through Chosen Armory)The GOAT returns. No wait this time.Pre-orders from the 7/9 drop have all shipped. We produced a 2nd batch alongside the preorders to offer an instock batch this Friday 8/20 at 10am PST. Colors available direct from us will be Black and Ranger Green. M81 Woodland will be available through Chosen Armory. The M81 Woodland packs will have...

8/13 Drop, Dr. Lecter 2 Pack Patches August 10 2021

Friday the 13th drop: Dr. Lecter Patches (2 Pack)10am PST.“Cruelty Is A Gift Humanity Has Given Itself.”Patch sets are $25. Not a preorder.

7/30 Drop, GWA NODs Vault in Chocolate Brown August 03 2021

8/6 Drop: GWA NODS Vault in Chocolate Brown11am PST. nextgenwarfighter.comThe GWA NODS Vault, the artist formerly known as the "Bong Bag".If you're new to the NODS Vault, it's a padded case for your Night Vision device (NODs, NVGs, NVDs). I designed this bag after getting my first set of PVS-14's and quickly noticing that the only solutions out there were either a padded MOLLE pouch or hard case with foam...

7/30 Drop, GWA Ban Deez Nuts MCB IR July 27 2021

GWA BAN DEEZ NUTS IR PATCHESFRIDAY 7/30 10AM PSTYou can't prove he never said this, so this has been fact checked as true. We told King George III to suck it then and now we are telling the AFT and Chipman.All patches are Velcro® backed and laser cut on premium US Made materials in the United States of America. $16/ea..IR patches cannot be exported, no international sales. Yeah it's dumb....

7/16 External Drops, GWA NODs Vaults / G3 Citadel Brushstroke Final Batch July 14 2021

GWA NODs Vaults in Multicam & Gen3 Citadels in Brushstroke NODs Vaults dropping through Licentia Arms, Friday 7/16 3pm EST. Last batch of Rhodie Citadels dropping through QILO, Friday 7/16 1pm EST. Be sure to sign to their newsletters for future drops. With social media being more and more unfriendly to the industry, email is becoming a vital way to stay in touch with your fav. "industry" brands.

7/16 Drop, GWA REAL G'S July 12 2021

GWA REAL G'S PATCH DROPFriday 7/16 10AM PSTBailed outside and pointed my weaponJust as I thought, the fools kept steppin'Jumped in the fo' hit the juice on my rideI got front back and side to sideThen I let the Alpine playBumpin new shit by GWAHook backed for your kit, $12, you know the drill.

7/9 Pre-order, GWA Citadel Gen3. M81, Ranger Green & Black July 08 2021

GWA Gen3 Citadel PreorderFriday 7/9 10AM PSTThe GOAT returns. Previous drops were premade and shipped immediately. Those that missed out demanded a preorder so here we are. We will be doing a 24hr preorder period. Friday 10am PST to Saturday 10am PST.  Colors available will be Black, Ranger Green and M81 Woodland. Black and Ranger Green will have the option for a "slick" front. Slick option kills the front 3" loop...

7/8 Restock, GWA Go Pouches & Base Slings July 07 2021

GWA Base Sling & Go Pouch RestockTHURSDAY 7/8 10AM PSTBase Slings Mk2 restock in Multicam Black & M81 Woodland. Both colors features color matching webbing & new stiffer pull tab. Slings go for $49.Go Pouches all sizes & colors also restocked. Ranger Green, Multicam in Small ($28), Tall ($35) & Large ($40).All Base Slings & Go Pouches are sewn in the USA with American labor using US sourced materials.

7/2 Drop, GWA Ban Deez Nuts MC IR July 01 2021

GWA BAN DEEZ NUTS IR PATCHESFRIDAY 7/2 10AM PSTYou can't prove he never said this, so this has been fact checked as true. We told King George III to suck it then and we shall continue that tradition today.All patches are Velcro® backed and laser cut on premium US Made materials in the United States of America.IR patches cannot be exported, no international sales. Yeah it's dumb.

6/25 Drop, LV Monogram / Damier Deluxe-ish Convertibles June 22 2021

GWA LV Deluxe-ish ConvertiblesFriday, 6/25 10am PST for LV DamierFriday, 6/25 11am PST for LV Monogram The Convertible Deluxe-ish has 4 ways to carry; Chest Pack, Fanny Pack, Fuccboi Carry and Plate Carrier dropdown. Sewn in USA w/ authentic LV Damier and Monogram fabric. I've been buying LV bags with the sole purpose of cutting them up to upcycle the fabric for these pouches. They called me a madman (literally, the salespeople thought...

6/11 Drop, BEST FRIENDS Patches June 09 2021


6/4 Drop, Gen3 Citadel / Brushstroke June 02 2021

GWA Gen 3 Citadels in Brushstroke will be instock Friday 6/4 10am PST. Bags will be available through QILO Tacticals site. $350, yes it's more expensive than previous colorways but our fabric cost for the Brushstroke was also much higher. This is not a preorder. Bags will be instock.

5/28 Drop, Gen3 Citadel / Chocolate Chip May 26 2021

Gen3 Citadel in Chocolate Chip. Friday 5/28 10am PST.

5/21 Drop, Dalton & Candie May 17 2021

5/21 10am PST Drop:Rick Dalton / Calvin Candie (2 Pack) PatchesArguably the most memable man on earth, Leo himself. 2 pack of patches.

5/14 Drop, NODs Vaults / Base Slings May 11 2021

5/14 Drop: GWA NODs Vault in DNC, Base Sling Mk2 in M81 & MC BlackIf you're new to the NODS Vault, it's a padded case for your Night Vision device (NODs, NVGs, NVDs). Accommodates all my NODS accessories such as but not limited to; data sheets, manual, bridge, arm, magnifiers, extra batteries, cell phone mounts, sacrificial lenses, lens caps and even a 2nd pair of NODS. Fits mode NVGs, monos, binos...

5/7 Drop, B A T E M A N May 04 2021

5/7 Drop: B A T E M A N"There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it, I have now surpassed. My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone; in fact, I want my pain to...

5/6 Drop, GWA NODS Vault in Multicam Black May 04 2021

5/6 Drop: GWA NODS Vault in Multicam BlackDrop will be through Licentia ArmsThe GWA NODS Vault, the artist formerly known as the "Bong Bag". It's likely you've heard of or already own a Bong Bag from SUPDEF. When you buy a NODS Vault from SUPDEF it's known as the Bong Bag and when you buy one from me it's the NODS Vault, same bag-ish, different name. Yeah my names are much...

4/30 Drop, Go Pouches, All Sizes & Colors April 27 2021

4/30 Drop, Go Pouches, All Sizes & ColorsWe are doing a new thing, no more backorders on the Go Pouches. Going forward there will be regular restocks. 4/30 we'll be restocking Small and Large Go Pouches in all colors; Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Alpine.We are also proud to introduce the newest size to the Go Pouch family, the "Tall". This is the perfect new size for your IFAK contents or...

4/23 Drop, G-Man Slaps & Pins April 21 2021

4/23 Drop, 10am PST. G-Man slaps & Pins 10 years ago we debuted the "sticker soldier" GWA logo, 10 years later we were long overdue in a redesign. Here he is, modernized with Ops-Core AMPs, FAST SF and PVS-31's.  Slaps will come in a 3 pack and pins are sold individually. Slap one your water bottle and pin one on your kit.

4/16 Drop, GWA Deluxe-ish Convertible LV April 12 2021

4/16 Drop, 10am PST. EXTREMELY Limited quantities will be available. New Convertible, Deluxe-ish. Latest design features a new hybrid system that allows 4 ways to carry; Chest Pack, Fanny Pack, Fuccboi Carry and Plate Carrier dropdown. Kit includes 3 straps that are easily and quickly removable per the users preference. Made in USA w/ authentic LV fabric. Extremely limited numbers available. Limited 1 per customer.